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Since the middle of the 19th century many bathers have sought refreshment during the summer season in the Korana in Karlovac. The river reaches its summer temperatures of 24° C or even more, and is known by the proverb “Korana strengthens men´s strength and envigorates woman´s beauty“.

Hotel Korana, the most beautiful hotel in Karlovac, was built in 1908 on the banks of the Korana River in the heart of the most beautiful Croatian park – “Vrbanićev perivoj”. Renowned spa, swimming, picnic place ... and a favorite gathering site for the city dwellers situated on the edge of Karlovac old town center “Zvijezda”, is one of the symbols of the city that has adorned many postcards of Karlovac.

The new swimming place was built in 1896 on the territory of the garden called “Rakov vrt“, an area purchased for this purpose by the city of Karlovac. “Rakov vrt“ is named after particular river crabs living in the pure and clear Korana river.

It is not by chance that the Hotel Korana – Srakovčić, as it is known today, was built near the water abundant in life. Although the Rakov vrt was transformed into the park in that same year, and named as the “Vrbanićev perivoj“, after the city mayor of the time, crabs have remained the omen of the clarity and quality of the Korana.

The herritage of excellence is the hotel itself. At the crossroads of the 19th and 20th centuries, there were prominent guests from Austrian - Hungarian empire, and today respected guests from all over the world stay in our hotel.

The “Vrbanićev perivoj“ is certainly the most beautiful arboretum on the banks of the Korana river, the creation of which Ivan Vrbanić, the mayor, is responsible for. With the pawns that adorned the park, a great admiration was also caused by numerous changing rooms available in the bathing area by the Korana. This part of the town, as well as the neighbouring one with charming villas, was called Little Venice which was surely recognised as a true description.